Miika Saksi  —  Consulting Creative Director

Strategy driven creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. Anchored in business, led by good taste.

I am a multi-disciplinary creative with over two decades of experience and expertise in design, music, art, fashion and business. I operate at the intersection of sub cultures, marketing and commerce.

I’ve had a diverse selection of clients from major international brands to smaller radical independents. I work best with clients who are ready to push boundaries, both creatively and with their business strategies.
I know what it takes to make noise and capture attention with a budget.

My services include; Hands-on Creative Direction and Strategy, Concept and Content Development, Social Media Content Creation, Service Design, Marketing Consultancy, Curation, Campaign and Event Planning, Insight and Trends Analysis.
I also coach creativity and manage a men’s mental health community called MIES+

“The rewards of making something truly original and engaging doesn't come without risks of trying something new.”
That's where I can offer my vision. Let's spot the hidden potential in your organisation and turn ideas into reality through creative insight, awareness, empathy and conceptual thinking.

I am available for projects and open for new opportunities. My portfolio is available on request via email.

If you're interested in looking at your potential with me, even for something small. I'm happy to help you. 🖤

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