I wrote my story for you to catch a glimpse of my personality. To see where I come from. For you to xxx when you decide to reach out to me for a collaboration or.

My Growth Story.

I was an evening star, born into a family of entrepreneur parents and three siblings in Järvenpää, 1980. My father was running a number of different businesses that often took him abroad, but he didn’t feel absent. My mom taught piano students at our home so I grew up on classical music.
There were two kinds of students: Some of them preferred playing safe by the rules while others were more interested in coming up with their own tunes. That difference fascinated and puzzled me. At the age of eight I started my guitar lessons. Turned out that I belonged to the last group. And maybe for that same reason, I would later became bullied at school.
I started collecting rare comic books from flea markets. It was fun, selling them to second hand bookshops with a decent profit. In my early teens our family moved to Helsinki and I started collecting ice hockey cards – I wasn't interested in sports, but the psychology of trading felt intriguing
I started taking photographs and making videos as a hobby. I wasn't a talented skateboarder, but I was visually inspired and influenced by the scene. I filmed my friends and started teaching myself photo editing, graphic design and coding HTML. At sixteen, I won a design competition and used the prize money to buy a professional image editing software.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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